Christer Lindh @ home
The gory details...

You will not get to know me just by reading these pages. But I
can at least admit to being a Swede born in on October 23, 1962.
I live in Bromma, a suburb of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.
I am married to Ulrika and we have two kids; Erik (b. 1995)
and Karin (b. 1998).

For a living I work for the Mainloop AB. When not goofing off in 
front of the 'puter I prefer to be out in the woods, hiking, climbing, 
biking, skating. My interest in outdoors recreation and
the natural environment fueled the creation of Utsidan and
Abbey's Web
. And I do look like this.

Now meet my son Erik
and my daughter Karin!

You can also say hello to my sister!
She's the designer. I'm not...